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Rescued Horses

A horse in moderate condition needs ½ a bale of good hay every day.  A bale of hay averages three to four dollars.  Add in the cost of grain, bedding, and veterinary care, and keeping a single horse can become a rather costly undertaking.  And if you have a number of horses, just keeping them adequately fed can run into serious money.

Now, imagine that you have just taken possession of sixteen abandoned, starving horses.  Horses that look like quilt racks draped with wet terrycloth towels.  Some of them are stunted young colts, found standing beside the bodies of their dead mothers.  Horses that once belonged to people who cared enough about them to give them excellent farrier care, for some of them were still wearing shoes, but for reasons unknown had been sold and subsequently wound up in a field on a mountain with almost nothing to eat during one of the worst winters in living memory.  Horses so grateful to be rescued that some willingly put their heads into halters to be led out of their miserable existence.

Man’s association with horses is an ancient one.  We have expected horses to bear our burdens, fight our wars, save our homes, till our fields, and entertain us with their speed, beauty, and strength.  They trust us with their lives, and sometimes give those lives for us.  In exchange, we curry them, love them, feed them little treats, and make them members of the family.  But sometimes, when they get to be too much for us to maintain, we abandon them.

Why these horses were left to fend for themselves is still under investigation by this writer; the immediate concern is in getting them restored to health and vitality.  These horses were lucky enough to be befriended by several concerned neighbors who tried to get them food, and who alerted the authorities to their plight.  It was too late for some of them.  The first inspection found twenty-four horses in the pasture, but by the time a rescue could be arranged, only sixteen were still alive.  Of those, one had to be euthanized because she could no longer stand.

After being seized by the county, the herd has been given to a private individual who has come to the Monroe County Animal League asking for help in obtaining the funds necessary to rehabilitate the animals, and to place them in loving adoptive homes if possible.  The Monroe County Animal League has agreed to lend assistance in this rescue effort.  Visit their website, and click on the “MCAL Steps Up” link to view this story and pictures.

Your charitable donation, in whatever amount you can spare, will assist enormously in the recovery of these unfortunate creatures.  They have suffered and endured so much, they deserve a chance to live.  Please help, in whatever way you can, by contacting the Monroe County Animal League on behalf of the rescued horses.

The Animal League’s hotline is 304-772-4445.  Monetary donations can be mailed to Rescue Horses c/o Monroe County Animal League, PO Box 343 , Union , WV 24983 .   

Mountaineer Farm Center in Union is accepting donations of feed and supplies.

Donations of good-quality hay can be arranged by contacting Robert Wylie at 304-772-5430 or 304-994-0627

  MCAL members reach out to help those in need. Monroe County is largely populated by senior citizens. It is reported that some of those folks will feed their animals before feeding themselves. With incomes being "fixed", and people working to make their dollar stretch as far as they can, MCAL wants to make sure that folks don't find themselves in a situation where 1) they are providing nourishment to their animals before themselves and 2) that they don't relinquish their pet as a result of not being able to feed it.

Please join us in supporting those in our community who are experiencing difficulty as a result of these economic times. Ashley’s IGA in Union, WV has graciously allowed us to place containers at the entrance of the store. These boxes are posted with the following signs: “Give what you can. Take what you need.”

If you are in need of pet food in order to keep your pet at home, please take some. On the other hand, if you can help a family in need, please drop an extra bag or can into the box. Contributions from the community are a must if this effort is to be successful!

If this pilot effort is a success, you will see more boxes throughout the county!

  Emergency - October, 2006  

In October of 2006, MCAL was asked to take-in dogs and cats from a neglect case being prosecuted in our county. 18 cats and dogs were surrendered. As a foster home network, our resources were placed in over-max capacity! As of April, 2007 we still have a few dogs and most of the cats in foster care. These pictures will show you the condition of some of the animals when they were pulled from the property. Support of Monroe County Animal League, allows for the support of animals like these. Please be generous with your time and/or financial contributions.

Click here to learn more about these animals.

On 7/31/06 the following dogs were picked up:

  • 2 black and white emaciated med size, short hair dogs - very scared
  • 2 red, one with black mask who was in fair shape, the other very thin, short hair dogs, these two were scared but did lick my fingers eventually
  • 1 large black short hair, greyhound head, male - good shape, very friendly
  • 1 blonde/redish and white, medium length, med size dog - in good shape, friendly
  • 1 chihauhau mix, black with a little white and brown, mid-age....good shape, friendly
  • 1 blonde/brownish/redish with a little black dog, about 15#, barked alot, but settled down and wanted attention and touching - in good shape
  • 1 black aggressive small dog - could not see or get out of crate as crate was in back of truck; dog had been very agressive upon pick up
AND 8 cats - some very poor These were taken from a residence - animal cruelty charges are pending. No animal or person should live in this squallor.