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Sweet Springs Hammocks

If you help us Spay and Neuter animals in Monroe County then Moss Mountain will send you a Free Hammock to help you relax. With a minimum tax-deductible donation of $100 to the Monroe County Animal League, we will send you either a double Handwoven Mayan Hammock or a double Parachute Hammock, whichever you prefer. Because of your generous donation, your Shipping will be FREE!

The double Handwoven Mayan Hammock holds 600 lbs and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It is nylon so it can get wet, just avoid long exposure to direct sunlight. This Traditional Hammock is incredibly strong, comfortable and spacious.

The double Parachute Hammock holds 440 lbs and comes in both bright and earthy colors. It is nylon parachute material which can also get wet and needs to avoid too much sun. This hammock is strong, lightweight and compact, which makes it the perfect travel companion.

For more information on hammocks, please go to

If interested, you can make a minimum $100 PayPal donation from our home page, Then email us at to let us know your hammock choice and mailing address.

Thank you for helping us, help them!