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  Puppy Program Volunteer Form  

MCAL cooperates with a no-kill shelter in Massachusetts. The program is designed for puppies between the ages of eight and 16 weeks of age. We are occasionally allowed to transport "teenagers" in the program.

The trips requires two people, three makes the trip a little easier. The trip is approximately 13 hours (in one direction). On average we transport 21 pups/dogs per trip.

If you like to travel and like puppies too…don't forget to check off " Driver for Puppies Across America trips to Massachusetts" on the volunteer form!

How the Puppy Program Works:

MCAL asks for a minimum donation of $25 per puppy ($10 per puppy for a litter) in order to participate in the Puppy Program. Each puppy receives the required amount of 5-in-1 shots (puppies require a series of three shots beginning at five weeks of age) and are wormed as required. Prior to transporting all puppies are bathed, have their ears cleaned, nails clipped, etc. by our volunteers. In addition, puppies are treated for any ailments they may have (Parvo, broken or severed limbs, mange, kennel cough, malnourished, etc.) Lastly, a health certificate, issued by a veterinarian, is required for each puppy transporting across state lines.

Most importantly, under the Puppy Program Agreement, the mother of the puppies MUST BE SPAYED. A Puppy Program Agreement (contract) must be signed in order to participate.

It cost MCAL a minimum of $50 per puppy to make it to the shelter in Massachusetts (more if unexpected health issues arise). If the mother of the puppies is not spayed in accordance with this agreement, MCAL will expect complete reimbursement of any amount of money spent on the puppy/puppies (minimum of $50 per puppy taken under this agreement).

Monroe County Animal League is very proud of this program and we feel that it has considerably decreased the number of strays and unwanted animals in the county. This translates in to less dogs killed at our area vets and surrounding shelters, as well as those that die more horrible deaths when left to fend for themselves. Furthermore, each puppy taken into the program is spayed or neutered, contributing to breaking the cycle of unwanted pets.

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