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Beginning in 1999, a handful of animal advocates joined together to help abandoned, neglected, & abused animals in West Virginia. Our group, when first organized, was named the Southern WV Humane Society. In late 2003, we changed our name to Appalachian Animal Rescue Friends. We are a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. There are NO animal shelters (kill or otherwise) in this region of rural Appalachia. Animals are left to starve in the mountains. "Problem" animals are poisoned, shot, or condemned to a neighboring county's kill shelter. Scores of homeless dogs roam the roads & backwoods. The problem is staggering. 

Without any public assistance or government funding, our small group of volunteers have single handedly cared for hundreds of animals. Because we do not have a shelter, all our animals stay in pens on rented land. The rented land has no running water or electricity. To compound the situation, the property owner has has threatened to evict us. Despite these obstacles our efforts continue! Abandoned animals are taken in, nursed back to health and placed in loving, permanent homes. We also care for sick or neglected animals at their homes, to ensure their owners can keep them.

Our most urgent need is to create a shelter where rescued animals can be safely cared for by volunteers. AARF has purchased 6 acres of land to build an adoption center and sanctuary. But we need to build a shelter so the animals can be safe and comfortable. Donations can be sent to AARF * Rt. 1 Box 78B * Delbarton, WV 25670

 "I adopted a dog from Alexis, & she did a wonderful job. Everyone that meets me asks where I got such a wonderful dog. When I tell them West VA they are amazed. That just goes to show you how dedicated Alexis & her gang are to finding homes for her dogs. Shelters in NY ask anywhere from $100 to $250 to adopt a dog. I live on a fixed income and there was no way I could afford to adopt a dog at that price. For the puny amount of $50 Alexis DROVE to NY with a friend & on the way placed 4 dogs." Lori  & "Pal" of NY 

Volunteers for AARF include:

Alexis, our group's founder, lives in Delbarton, West Virginia. She is the foster Mom for over Forty dogs and cats at any given time. Her remarkable effort is the "foundation" of Appalachian Animal Rescue Friends. .

Gina in Delbarton, WV helps find homes for the animals by taking wonderful pictures.

Elizabeth in Florida manages the group's web.
communications, fosters animals, & finds homes for the animals via the internet.

Dr. Linda Knowles of the Williamson Animal Hospital, always provides veterinary care for our homeless animals at a reduced price. Thank you, Linda & staff for all your hard work.

Karen & Clem, through their generous donations, make it possible for so many animals to be sterilized, nurtured to health, & cared for until forever homes are found. Karen helps us connect with other rescue groups and advises us with our rescue work.

Vicki in Doylestown, Pennsylvania fundraises, manages the web pages, and tirelessly advocates for Appalachian animals.

Cathy in Elgin, Illinois finds homes for SO MANY of our homeless animals.

Mary in Pikeville, KY arranges transport for our animals going to foster homes and adopters.

Carrie, founder of Boston Dog Rescue in Massachusetts helps us in so many ways -- finding homes, connecting us with other rescue groups, helping solve problems.

Denise of START in New Jersey has found homes for many of our adult dogs.

Chris is our foster home coordinator& helps Alexis around the shelter.

B.J., Terry and friends in Kentucky drive transports, foster, and volunteer in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Donna in Delbarton, WV helps in many ways.

John in Florida helps with legal matters.

Kelly in WV helps in many ways.

Our friends on the AARF yahoo talk group are always is there to lend their expertise.

Many other rescue organizations outside of West Virginia save our dogs by fostering them & finding loving homes (see donations page for links). Without them we could not continue to rescue other needy animals. "Thank you" to all who make our work possible.
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