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Hampshire County Animal Control
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*** Directions***

Go to the Mapquest site below and get directions to our nearest intersection. **These directions do not take you all the way to the shelter so turn onto Owl Hollow Rd, follow for about 1 1/2 miles till you see a little orange sign on your Right that says "TWIN OAKS FARM" this is the shelter! Drive past the house through the gates to the barking Dogs and meowing cats!!
Map of Slanesville, WV US

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Our adoption process is designed to identify the right pet for each adopter. We try to make the adoption process easy, clear, and pleasant. We ask questions about how the pet will be housed, the kind of environment the pet will be in, what type of activities you expect to do with the pet, who the family members are, and what your expectations for the pet might be. These questions are not meant to be invasive but rather to help us determine if the pet will fit into your family so the adoption will be a permanent one.

Shelter volunteers and staff evaluate each animal through regular interaction at the shelter or in foster care. This interaction gives us a better understanding of the animal’s reaction to new situations and people thus allowing us to tell the potential adopter as much as possible about the animal. We can also advise the adopter if a specific animal will be suitable for the adopter’s family.

Animals are social creatures who thrive when they are treated as part of the adopting family and they should have access to the same indoor living quarters as their caretakers. We will not place a dog in a home where the dog would be tied out or kenneled in a small space most of the time.

We are more than happy to work with RESCUES to find placements for our great animals. All dogs are vaccinated - DHLPP - and dewormed immediately upon intake unless unable due to illness or injury. In these instances they are provided prompt vet care and quarantine until they are healthy enough to be vaccinated. Rabies appointments are set up weekly, health certificates are provided when necessary for transports to other shelters. Puppies are quarantined for two weeks after arrival/vaccination before being posted for adoption/ availability and are usually placed in foster care immediately.

We adopt out to the nearby West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania regions. If you live outside this area, please contact Amber for more information. We do not ship any animals!!! All potential adopters must fill out an application (click on the link at the top of the page) which will be reviewed by the Adoption Manager. When approved, each adopter must sign a contract agreeing to spay or neuter the animal if it has not already been done. We can help with discounts on the spay/neuter fees. The contract also includes a stipulation that the animal will be returned to the shelter if at any time in the future the adopter cannot keep the animal. Adoption fees range in prices from $50 to $75. This does not include the fee for spay or neuter.

~~~~$$$$ DONATIONS $$$$$~~~~

Donations are always in need and are greatly appreciated to help with our spaying and neutering efforts! If you don’t have the money to donate you can also help by volunteering to walk our dogs! Our shelter is always in need of Cat food, dog food, Dog and cat crates, Leashes, tie outs, cleaning supplies such as Paper Towel, Bleach, Pine Sol. Also old blankets, sweatshirts, towels etc., provide some great bedding for our animals.

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